Ten Years of Hyperakt

Oct 28


Oct 27

“Thanks for showing me that doing truly what you love can make you happy, and make the world and other’s lives better.” — Love, Aymie

Sometimes life passes and I forget how fortunate I am.
This place, the people here…they continually remind me.

I know I’m lucky to be near these incredible, creative, talented people.

I think that creativity is a gift and a powerful force for change.
This place actually proves that it’s true.

10 years ago, two people came together and created Hyperakt.
They slaved to create the right environment and find the right direction.
Now I am benefiting from their sweat and tears.
I am grateful. Thank you.

” — Josh

“Thank you for first for employing my boyfriend but also being an amazing inpiration. Your dedication and enthusiasm for your work is solid and commands respect. To cut to the tag point, Hyperakt is the shizzit.” — Robin

“Life is nothing without passion, and passion is something that can be found in abundance at Hyperakt. It hasn’t been enough for these guys to just exist over the last ten years, they have applied an exemplary level of dedication to not only their craft but the clients for which they create. If there’s a lesson to be learned here it is that you can indeed go out there and do what you love to do for a living and at the same time work for the sort of people that do the same thing. All you need is the drive, the positivity and of course the big hearts.” — Simon